Annette's Restorative Bodywork


In addition to skin rejuvenation, I have a desire to relieve clients from aging chronic body aches and pains. In my years of training I have acquired techniques to increase range of motion and improve freedom of movement in the body. If you want to increase your body responsiveness, or just want to de-stress, call or book an appointment online today. It's the "Best Service" on the Monterey Peninsula!

  • A powerful approach to a natural healing method.
  • Helps increase range of motion and improve freedom of movement. 
  • Reduces aging body aches, pains, and sports injuries through the use of stretches. 
  • No undressing required.
  • Results usually last for weeks, rather than days! 

Face and Scalp

  • Get relief from TMJ, migraine headaches, or stress using movements that decrease pain and tension in the muscles. $75

Face, Neck, and Shoulders

  • Creates freedom of upper body movement.
  • Improves performance, and reduces aches and pains.
  • Beneficial for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck, and back discomfort. $110

Full Bodywork

  • Improves your sciatica pain, knee, and foot problems. 
  • Increases range of motion, balance, responsiveness, strength, and flexibility.
  • Recommended for Ironman, Pre and Post Marathons, and over all general physical conditioning for those who participate in heavy physical work. Call for details.


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  • 1015 Cass Street, Suite 1,
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